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John Clair Neel Children
John Clair Neel
young john neel
John Neel 1924
Ann Eliza Palmer Neel
Mother with Class at Devel Slide_1924
john neel mary turnbow
Midge, Grant, Mary Neel
The Tent in Hailstone, Dad, Rose, Bob, June
jc neel w young son
Bob, Glen - Hailstone 1934
sleeping child near tent
Bob - Glen
dad w young brothers
jc neel w cabin
old fred
Dad, Dean, Ron, Twins, - June with the old Ford
Dad-Grampa cutting wood
Jack, Virginia
Rose, Glen, Mother, Home
Mother Neel
June, Mother, Rose, Twins
grandpa model T
Dad, Jack, Keith, Grandpa Turnbow
Bob - Mother
grandpa--dad posing
mary turnbow rose june
mary e neel with daugthers
Hazel Neel, Mary Neel_after the hunt
jc neel w younger children
Lee-Sonny Neel   John-Glen Neel
John Neel, Earl Neel - Babies
Lloyd Neel with Peggy in Kamas
Mary T. Neel Obituary
Mary T. Neel
Mary Neel Obituary
dad, grandpa neel
jc neel w friends
John Neel Family at Rose's_Monanta
grandpa neel-- daughters
summer logging camp home--Duchesne Co
Dad--Keith at summer logging site
grandpa gold panning
granpa--keith gold panning
John Neel Fishing
Scanned Slides0046
jcneel ext family
John Neel in Hamilton
Jack Neel family
Dad, Bob, Carol Ann, Jim, Rod, sisters Zieler
Arnold, Vicki Vernon, Childen
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